List of characters from Touch DetectiveEdit

BeeWorks Atlus

  • Mackenzie - The main character.
  • Funghi - Mackenzie's assistant.
  • Cromwell - Mackenzie's butler.
  • Penelope - Mackenzie's bestfriend. Lives in the condominium room 102.
  • Chloe - A friend and rival of Mackenzie.
  • Beatrice - Landlord of the condominium. In the circus she was known as "The Amazing Balloon Lady".
  • Melody - A girl that lives in the condominium room 101. She's always very busy and is never seen.
  • Julie - A shy and very quiet girl that lives in the condominium room 201.
  • Anna - A girl that lives in the condominium room 202. Little is known about her and only her eyes are shown. In Episode 1 of the second game she works on a dart shooting range stand.
  • Daisy - A friend of Penelope that lives in the condominium room 203. She works on the clothing boutique Naked Bones.
  • Antoinette - Owner of the pastry shop Sweet Mountain.
  • Dover - A shark that is always hanging out at the Pastry Shop. He used to work on the circus.
  • Katrina - The House of Illusions Fortune Teller. Used to work on the circus.
  • Myron and Myrtle - The two persons guarding the door of the House of Illusions Fortune Teller in the first game and the department store in the second game.
  • Lugol - Organ grinder.
  • Ogden - Astronomer.
  • Lynsey - A little girl that likes dolls. She always carries a hand puppet named Lini.
  • Shorty - The owner of the hot dog stand in the park. In the second game he works on a Choco Banana stand in the forest.
  • Noel - A snow fairy.
  • Barnaby - Owner of the Skating Rink.
  • Circus Master - The circus master.
  • Karbanog - A beast trained by the Circus Master.
  • Fleas - The fleas from the circus.
  • Gaits - A man that says he works in IT.
  • Edvard - A businessman that appreciates break time.
  • Horace - A very health conscious man.
  • Frida - A woman that is always hanging around the shopping plaza.
  • Penny - A woman that likes to tell fortunes in her free time.

Characters introduced in Touch Detective 2 ½Edit

BeeWorks Atlus

  • Inspector Daria - An optimist and somewhat fragile inspector that is trying to capture the Cornstalker.
  • The Cornstalker - A professional thief and master of disguise.
  • Mayor Tom - The mayor of the city.
  • Miss Yvonne - A famous Noodle Chute designer and owner the clothing boutique Naked Bones.
  • Connor - Owner of the antique shop Old Time.
  • Jack - The scary conductor of Train 19, also known as "Jack the Devil". He terrorizes the passengers and hates freeloaders.
  • Eric - A petty, smooth talking salesman who cheats on his clients to make a profit for himself.
  • Ace - A man that devoted his entire life to perfecting the art of freeloading.
  • Friday - The greatest freeloader of all time.
  • K.B. - A guard.
  • Granny - A woman that lives in a neighboring town.
  • Harrison - A tough archaeologist who is extremely loud.
  • Fossil Hunter - An ancient archaeologist that lived for millennia.
  • Seabottom Dwellers - An ancient species that lives in the mountains.
  • Colleen - The curator of the Haunted Mansion.
  • Silver - A puppet who sings very well.
  • Spooky - A cat that walks around the Haunted Mansion.
  • Ghosts of the Haunted Mansion
  • Aliens

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